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Eri in the Closet

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Eri was inside of a bedroom closet, and it was cracked slightly open so that she could safely peek without being seen. She was playing hide and seek with Kota, Shimano, Katsuma, and Satsuki and she chose Izuku-tousan's room to hide in. That's when she heard the door open, close shut, and giggles fill the air as her papa and mama (Ochako) walk into view. Her eyes widen as the young girl watch her parents take their clothes off while sharing kisses and their hands touching each other's bodies. Her adopted parents were completely naked.

"Izuku... hehehe..."

"You love it, Ocha."

Eri saw her mama Ochako share a happy grin, her hands rubbing papa's penis which looked very stiff. Her mama kept stroking her papa, and he was making soft moaning noises. He looked to be enjoying it. Her mama then gets down onto her knees, her face right in front of papa's private area. She even pressed her face against papa's penis, which stood straight up stiff. She sees what looked like a bead of fluid on papa's tip.

"Mmm..." Then her mama gave the head of papa's penis a kiss. "You like?"

"Yes," he answers.

She smiles, sticking out her tongue and giving the underside a long lick. Then Ochako would pull Izuku's dick into her mouth and start sucking him off. Izuku stands there in the middle of his dorm room, his hands on his hips as he closed his eyes moaning in pleasure. Ochako happily kept sucking away, moaning happily.

Eri kept watching, her cheeks getting warm as she watched her parents doing... this thing she's watching. Was it something mama's and papa's do together? It wasn't like the numerous times she would see them share kisses on the lips, or cuddling.

Maybe it's another form of love? she thought, her childish curiosity fueling her desire to find out more.

She saw her mama slide her hand between her legs. Eri lifted her dress she was wearing, and she brought a hand down between her legs like mama did. She moaned a bit. She went still, thinking she was heard, but peeking back out and she could see her parents were too occupied with each other to realize she was in the closet. She removed her underwear and quietly reached to her delicate area. She stifled a moan ad she started rubbing her hand over her pussy. She once caught auntie Mina do what she was doing one time but she ran away when she accidentally knocked something over and had to flee to avoid getting in trouble.

Eri's breath was getting heavier as she kept rubbing herself, getting on her knees and peeking through the crack in the closet sliding door to keep spying on her mama and papa. She timed herself with her mama. From the position they had shifted since they started, papa had moved a bit to rest against his desk and she could clearly see her mama's hand rubbing her pussy. But then mama stuck two fingers inside herself and began to thrust them in and out, as she started sucking papa's dick harder and faster. Eri mimicked her mama, a finger penetrating her own pussy, and she was growing used to these good feelings.

"Ochako... f-fuck... I'm going to cum, honey!"

Ochako didn't relent on her oral assault on her lover, quickly bringing him to orgasm after another good minute of intense cock sucking.

Eri watched, amazed as her mama pulled away from papa's dick, which was shiny with spit, as papa jerked off before thick jets of white shoot from the tip, splashing all over mama's face. Mama even opened her mouth as more of the white shiny fell onto her tongue she stuck out. After five spurts, her papa stuck his dick back into mama's mouth. She didn't know that papa released the last four spurts of the white shiny into mama's wet warm mouth, and that mama swallowed papa's white shiny. Eri enjoyed what she saw, as she kept fingering herself throughout her papa's orgasm, until she couldn't hold back and she let out a rather loud cry.

Eri had her first orgasm.

She panted as she slumped back, legs spread and dress hiked up past her stomach. She closed her eyes, feeling very tired suddenly. Then the door slid open and her eyes opened. There stood her mama and papa, stunned from seeing her in such a compromising position. They also didn't bother to get dressed so they were standing nude in front of their adopted daughter.

"Eri?" Izuku whispered, stunned at seeing his adopted daughter naked from the waist down and legs spread.

Ochako noticed the wetness from her daughter's pussy.

"Mama... you still have some of papa's white shiny on your face," Eri shyly stated.

That snapped them to reality as Ochako touched her daughter's stomach, and floated her up using her quirk and directed to the bed by Izuku. She's laid down as Ochako pressed her fingers together, turning off her quirk before the young woman used some tissues off the nightstand to wipe her own face clean of her boyfriend's cum strands.

"Papa... does mama like sucking you?" she asks.

Izuku exhaled slowly through his nose.

"Yes. What mama and I were doing is something special between two people who truly love each other."

"Sweetie... what were you doing in the closet?" Ochako asks.

"Playing Hide and Seek with the others," she answers, now sitting cross-legged on the bed as her parents sat on either side of her.

"Did it feel good?" he asks, gesturing to her masturbating.

"I saw mama rubbing herself between her legs so... I wanted to do the same. It felt... really good," she admitted.

"I see. Well, there isn't anything really wrong with exploring yourself, honey. What you were doing earlier is called masturbation. It is a perfectly healthy activity at any age. Although we both would like it if you do it in private, okay? Never in a public place. Only in your bedroom, and with the door closed." Izuku glanced at Ochako, who gave him a soft nod. "Although it determines from parent to parent. Some may not like knowing that their child masturbates, others will tolerate it or speak with them to ensure that they don't do anything overly inappropriate. Your mom and I do not mind if you masturbate."

"Like we said earlier, only in your bedroom with the door closed," Ochako informed Eri.

"Okay," she answers. She then looks to her papa. "Papa... um... c-could you..."

"Hm? Yes, sweetie?"

"Can I watch you... finger me?" she asks shyly, blushing.

The two young adults look to each other. Ochako reached over and she helps take off Eri's summer dress she is wearing, so she's now naked like her parents. She's pulled up close to relax in Ochako's lap while Izuku moved close to his daughter.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, papa," she answered. "You make mama happy. I want to be happy, too."

Izuku looked to Ochako. Ochako nodded with a smile.

"Go ahead, Izuku."

"Honey, normally this kind of interaction would be strongly frowned upon."

"I won't say anything, papa. I promise. Please..."

Izuku stuck his left middle finger into his mouth, getting it wet before reaching down and rubbing along his daughter's tight slit of her pussy. And then he slowly pushed past her tight folds and penetrated into her warmth. Eri moaned.

"Ahh... mama... papa's finger is big," she cooed.

Ochako giggled softly.

"Yes. Papa's finger would be big for you, sweetie."

As Izuku fingers his daughter's tight pussy, he reached down with his other hand and he began to jerk off.

Eri loved the feeling of her papa's finger inside her pussy. It was big.

"You love this?"

"Yes, papa... so good," she moaned happily, blushing.

Izuku gazed down at his daughter, quickly growing warmer with parental lust as he fingered Eri's pussy and his hand sliding up and down his hard cock. A quick glance at Ochako and he could see his lover also had the same look of growing love and lust watching him pleasure their daughter. Izuku felt great pleasure from what he was doing. What Ochako was willingly allowing him to do with Eri.

"Papa... ahh, papa! I'm... I'm feeling really good again!"

"You're about to cum, sweetie," Ochako whispers lovingly to her daughter. "Are you going to cum on papa's finger?"

"Y-Yes! I'm... mama, papa, I'm cumming..."

Eri cried out again, her pussy clamping tightly around Izuku's finger as he thrust his finger in, burying it inside his daughter. He could feel his daughter's hymen as his hand grew even wetter with her orgasm. She shakes and coos, her voice driving such emotion into Izuku and Ochako. Izuku grunted, fisting his cock faster. He pulls his finger from Eri's pussy, and took delight at the slight gaping hole his finger made. Eri's pussy looked so nice.

"Eri... papa's going to cum now," he groaned, scooting much closer.

Eri with half-lidded eyes gaze at her papa's hand fisting his cock fast until the young man groaned out, and she saw him shoot a thick spurt of white shiny on her face. Izuku grunts as he unloads all of his cum all over his daughter's face, her chest, belly, and he shoots the last two spurts of his load onto her pelvic region. He slouched back, tired, panting heavily from such a wonderful second orgasm. Eri looked very erotic with her papa's cum splashed all over her.

Eri scooped up her papa's cum with her fingers and stuck it into her mouth.

"Ugh... it tastes a bit bitter," she complained.

Ochako and Izuku both laugh softly.

"It's an acquired taste, honey. But you'll probably enjoy swallowing cum when you're older," Ochako told Eri.

"Papa shot a lot of cum."

Izuku smiled, as he and Ochako use tissues to clean up the mess he made on their daughter. He sits still in bed as Eri is brought into his private bathroom so Ochako can thoroughly wipe her down with a wet cloth. Afterward, all three get dressed again as a sleepy Eri is hugging her papa.

"I'm tired now..."

"Let's go and take a nap, honey."

Ochako opened the mezzanine sliding glass door, but kept the screen door locked, to allow fresh air to blow through the room. The two young adults get into bed with Eri snug in the middle of mama and papa. Ochako made sure her silicone thimbles were fitted on her pinky fingers. It would be an hour later that the door opened and Tsuyu Asui would peek into the room, her little sister Satsuki, the Mahoro siblings, and Kota following the frog woman. They would find Eri sleeping, being held comfortably by Izuku and Ochako. Tsuyu would escort the kids back outside, as the woman smiled warmly to the sleeping family and quietly close the door.