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{a million times yes} - toliver

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Tommy and Oliver were always more than friends. They were each other's everything. Since day one. Literally. Their relationship was complicated, though. They were lovers, easily. They never told anyone their whole lives, and they never wanted to. It was just them. They were the only simple part of each other's lives. Then, Oliver went and died on him. Everyone understood why he locked himself in his room for months. They were best friends. Tommy was broken. Oliver was his entire world. He didn’t know how to function without him. He had never even had to think about functioning without him. He was so broken without his other half. After a month, people were curious. Why was Tommy still so upset? Something was not adding up.

Tommy heard a knock on his door. He didn’t respond. It was locked after all, no one could get in.
“Tommy?” he heard a soft voice call. Thea.
Thea had come here. He felt obliged to open the door. It was basically his younger sister.
“Thea?” he said once the door had swung open.
“You look like hell,” she commented.
“Come on. Get ready. We’re going out.”
“You are a depressed wreck, we need to start fixing that.”
“I get it. Ollie was your best friend. He was my fucking brother. Now, let’s g-”
“You don’t understand,” he said, climbing back into bed.
“Understand? I am his little sister. All the moments I’ve been looking forward to sharing with Oliver my entire life just got stolen from me. I will never get to speak with him again. And soon, soon I will be older than him. Hell, do I not understand!”
“Oliver was my world.”
“Yes, I know, he was your best friend. Cradle to the grave and all that.”
“No. He was not my best friend.”
“What do yo-oh. Oh.”
Tommy’s eyes just filled with tears again.”
“Y-you loved him?”
“More than anyone.”
“And he loved you.”
“Yes. With all that he knew how.”
All Tommy knew was that he couldn’t do this without Oliver.
“Y-you wanna talk about it? I-i mean-”
“Yeah. I really do. N-not talking about him. Us. It makes it seem so far away. It makes it feel like it never happened because only he and I knew.”
“Yeah. I get that.”
“He was my person. He knew me in and out, through and through. All our lives we’ve just been right next to each other. So when the kissing and the cuddles started happening it just felt, felt right. Felt like we were just getting close the way we always have been. So we grew up together. So we were each other's first loves and first kisses and first-first everything’s. B-but I always knew. I always knew those were my last’s, too. We didn’t talk about the future and shit, ever, but I could not imagine being with anyone else but him. Because Oliver was Oliver. And Oliver was my rock and my world and my light.”
“Tommy, I am so sorry.”
“I just don’t know how to exist in a world without him.”
‘I don’t either.”
Then the crying started. It was a moment they shared. A moment that egnocked how much they lost when they lost Ollie.

So when he saw that news on screen, he froze. Oliver Queen, found at sea, has returned home to starling. Without a second though, he got in his car and zoomed up to Starling general.
“Oliver Queen,” was all he said to the receptionist.
“Sorry sir, it's the only family allowed to visit right now.”
“No, no, I need to see him. He-”
“Tommy?” he heard Thea’s voice.
“Thea! Oliver’s here, right now. Here.”
“He’s been asking for you,” Thea said, shooting the receptionist a look.
“Go on, room 234”


When Tommy entered his whole world stopped. There he was. They both just started crying when they saw one another. Suddenly, he was kissing Oliver.
“I missed you, every day I was on that island I missed you. Every day you kept me going.”
“I love you, Ollie. I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
Tommy cuddled into the bed with Ollie, and they fell asleep in each other's arms. How it should be.

Tommy and Oliver decided it would be best for Tommy to sleep over a couple of nights at the mansion because he really did not want to be far from Oliver. Nights were always hard for Oliver, though. He was left with his thoughts. Tommy did not know that. He hastily shot down the idea that he would sleep in a guest room, saying he was more than happy to have a pullout in Oliver’s room. Oliver agreed with a smile.

It was raining that first night, and Oliver had never done well with rain, long before the boat and the island and everything that followed. Oliver was lying in bed nervous and tired. All he could hear was the rain. Tommy was taking a shower, so he was alone in his bedroom.


It wasn’t his fault or anything, but he started crying. Just little sniffles.
“Ollie? You alright, babe,” Tommy said, slipping into bed next to the man, “Oh the rain. Come ‘ere.”
Oliver cuddled into the side of his best friend, and Tommy slipped an arm around him. He kissed the top of Oliver’s head. Oliver's tears stopped within a few moments.
“Tommy please never leave again.”
“Promise. Only if you do the same.”
“Yeah. I promise, too.”
“I missed you so much. I seriously did not know how to live in a world without you.”
Oliver responded by giving Tommy a kiss.
“Never again. I wanna get a place with you, just us two. No more sneaking around or sleepovers. Just you and me and our home.”
“A million times yes.”
Smiling and sleepy, they let the land of the dreams take over.